Monday, July 27, 2015

Introducing, my MCM!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I am quite smitten with the best man in the world, aka, my favorite person ever and my hottie Hubz, Dakota Wolf.

Dakota and I met my freshman (his sophomore) year of college at Campbell University. In stereotypical fashion, he was the quarterback and I was a cheerleader and we were introduced by a mutual friend. One Cookout run later, we immediately hit it off and never looked back from that night in early August! And boy, did I luck out! 

To tell you a little bit about Dakota and his amazingness:
Dakota is the most self-less, caring, and hard-working man I know. He so graciously takes care of me and provides for our little family with only the occasional complaint about how long his day can be ;). He has such a heart for the Lord and it shows in his natural ability to speak to and lead others. He’s able to empathize and relate to others in a way that I can only dream of being able to do. He has always been an over-achiever as he was the starting quarterback while completing two undergrad degrees and a Master’s degree, ALL at the same time. Despite his many commitments throughout college, he always made time to make Kali, Barker, and I the luckiest puppies/fiancé in the world!

He is a true man after my own heart with his love and compassion for animals. (A little fact about me, is that I have been bringing home stray animals since I could drive and there is something about a homeless pet that will always bring me to tears!) He cares for our two pups with such patience and love that I know he will make an absolutely amazing dad to *human* babies one day!

Fun fact: Dakota LOVES to dance and he is the best wedding date ever! 
After we met, we dated for a little over three years before he proposed on February 15th, 2014. He was so clever in creating a little scavenger hunt that led me all over our campus before finding him! I thought we were just going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day but as I was getting ready, my roommate/bestie/twinzie for life, Emily, came in and handed me a stack of letters from Dakota. As I opened the first one, I immediately started crying my eyes out and left my house to begin the adventure (forgetting to put on deodorant and all!). At every spot, he had a letter ready to explain why he brought me there and to remind me of the special memories we had at each location. Once I found Dakota, he said a ton of sweet things (none that I remember now!) and got down on one knee to ask me to be his forever wifey. I, of course, through many tears, said YES! Afterwards, he surprised me with a dinner at my favorite restaurant with all of our best friends and his family there to celebrate! It was such an incredible night that I will never forget.

I think that’s enough sappiness (and slight bragginess) for the day, however, it’s only fair that you truly know the greatness of my hubby and all his amazing encouragement and support for Wonderfully Wolf. Especially since the first part of  Wedding Wednesday will be up this week!! :) 

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