Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekend Recap: Arena Football Game

My favorite thing about living in Jacksonville is that there is so much to do! There are so many restaurants, shops, and activities we can't wait to try out! Before we we're officially Floridians, Dakota had talked about want to go to an Arena Football game and this past weekend we finally got the chance!  

In case you had no idea an Arena Football League existed (I didn’t either until a few months ago!), let me fill you in! Arena football is basically the same as NFL football except for a few noticeable differences. The first is that it is obviously played inside an arena. The “field” is actually a carpeted mat laid down that measures 50 yards instead of 100. The second difference is that there are only 8 men on the field at one time instead of the normal 11. However, besides these two things, the Arena League is fairly similar to the NFL with the same rules and regulations.

A friend of Dakota's asked if he and I would be interested in going to see the Jacksonville Sharks play on Saturday since the Arena season is almost over! Dakota was, of course, totally game so I tagged along for a night out and reason to get dolled up!

I will admit that it was very hard for me to “get into” the game at first since my favorite person ever wasn’t on the field for me to cheer him on! It also brought up so many sweet memories of watching Dakota play quarterback in college and how I will miss those game days in the fall! He’ll forever be the best QB of all time in my mind! Even though the Sharks weren’t too shabby either and we had a great night! 

After halftime, we went to grab some water and a snack and two very nice (and slighty intoxicated) men offered to give us four VIP tickets since they wanted to leave the game. We very hesitantly accepted but were very thankful to those two guys after we got to our new seats! For the second half of the game we enjoyed watching from the 6th row of the 25 yard line. As you can imagine, Dakota was ecstatic about being so close to all the action!
The Sharks won in a nail biting last quarter and overall, I would definitely be up to going to another game next season!

Sunday is my favorite day at the Wolf household! Since we attend a night service at our church, we like to start our day by sleeping in. The rest of a typical Sunday in our house usually consists of simply hanging out, watching Netflix (me), playing Xbox (Dakota) and spending time together with our favorite little pups. This Sunday was no exception! 

After celebrating National Ice Cream Day at McDonald's, (oh, how we wish we could’ve enjoyed Sunni Sky’s with our besties instead!) we headed to Celebration Church and heard an amazing message by Pastor Petey!  

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend and is enjoying this former Camel’s favorite day of the week! 

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