Friday, August 21, 2015

Featured Friday:A Sorority Sister's Guide to Recruitment

With most college classes starting this week, I thought it would be the perfect time to ask one of my sweet sisters, Hannah, to write a post on recruitment week! Hannah is a BOSS at making recruitment week go smoothly! She is constantly being the first to step up and take on whatever is needed, encourage sisters through the chaos, and be the prime example of what Sigma Alpha Omega stands for. I'm so excited to hear about the amazing things she accomplishes this semester and I hope her advice can make your sorority's rush week filled with love, peace, and sisterhood! 

Hello friends!

When Courtney asked me to do a sorority-themed piece for Wonderfully Wolf, I was SO excited! I absolutely love Courtney & her blog! We rushed Sigma Alpha Omega together as a part of Alpha Class and I enjoyed growing closer to her through our sisterhood. I also enjoy living vicariously through her blog while I sit in my apartment and look at all the textbooks I have to have for the semester. This year, I'm so thankful to be the recruitment chair for our spring recruitment! Planning is already well underway and I'm excited to share with you what the most important things for sisters are during rush week.

Being a sister of a Christian Organization, Jesus is very important to our sisterhood. Rush/recruitment week is highly stressful on both sisters and those wishing to become sisters, so it's very important to exercise grace, love, and patience. For me, the best way to keep all three qualities in check is to stay in the Word, even though many of my hours get consumed with other things.  As I'm sure many of you will agree, prayer and conversation with Jesus brings about an unexplainable peace that can help rush week go by so much smoother.

The greatest version of yourself
Leave your worries over the tests, quizzes, and essays at home. We all have them & we're all stressed out, but this is not the time to show it! You can't go into the week with the mindset that everyone who comes out to rush is 100% sold on your sorority. For some of these girls, they have several organizations they're interested in and a big factor in their decision is how the sisters act during the events. Just as the PNM's (potential new members) are trying to impress sisters, sisters have to do what they can to impress the PNM's. Use your marketing skills and sell why your sorority is the best one and why girls can benefit from joining.

TSM playlists
It goes without saying that by day 3, staying awake can be one of the biggest challenges during rush week. You've been up for more hours than you've slept and everyone's starting to look the same {thank God for name tags}. I've searched high & low for pre-made playlists for every occasion & TSM has them all. One day I searched "Total Sorority Move" on Spotify & got very lucky. There is not a single occasion that isn't covered by one of their many playlists. From getting hype before an event, to trying to relax after the week is over, they've got you covered {you're even covered for getting over your most recent breakup-- that one's my personal favorite}. Go search it now- you won't regret it, I promise!

I'm not sure why the medical community has figured out how to do organ and limb transplants but not IV's made out of coffee. The second they do, I'll be the first volunteer. As crucial as coffee is to stay alert and focused- make sure you drink just as much {but preferably more} water to stay healthy. Rush week is not the time to be getting dehydrated and catching colds! Also- coffee dates with sisters during the week is an awesome way to catch up because even though you see your sisters every night, you're more focused on PNM's than you are on them!

Vitamin C
Just as important as water {and coffee} is Vitamin C. Ain't nobody got time for germs & colds this week! I'm a personal fan of pill form Vitamin C but a good old glass of OJ will do the same. Have a glass with breakfast {and you really do need to eat despite how you aren't hungry from being up so much} to do your best to combat colds!

Thank you's! 
I'm a firm believer that thank you notes are underwritten these days. My personal rule is to write and mail the letter within 48 hours of receiving the gift. While that isn't as applicable to recruitment because you don't really get gifts, thanking the girls who made it possible is a must. There are so many hours, discussions, group chats, & coffee dates leading up to the week of recruitment. It takes a whole sisterhood to accomplish something great, so make sure you take 5 minutes out of your day to thank the committee who made it all possible. I promise they will be incredibly thankful for the simple gesture.

Don't Forget...
Last but not least, ice cream, breath mints, lip gloss & hand sanitizer are great to have on hand. While you can't keep ice cream with you all day {although I wish I could}, keeping it in the freezer isn't a bad idea. Breath mints are better than gum because you can't smack breath mints like you can gum. Also, it's very distracting to be talking to someone & only being able to focus on the gum moving around in their mouth. There isn't ever a good time to re-apply makeup during the night so keeping lip gloss on hand is a great substitute {NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is my personal favorite, per Courtney's suggestion}. Just as important as water and Vitamin C are, hand sanitizer is a must. You touch so many hands, doorknobs, serving pieces and other objects that are breeding grounds for gross germs, stay ahead of the game with hand sanitizer!

So whether you're on recruitment committee or just a sister, keep these ten things close to you during the week! Above all, remember to keep a positive attitude, smile, and open mind. When times get tough remember why you joined in the first place, and all the lasting memories you've made. 


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