Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Things I'm Loving Tuesday 8.18

Welcome back wonderfuls! Today’s edition of Things I’m Loving Tuesday is a little different. Since I started my first “big girl” job yesterday, I thought I would share a few necessities of my work life. Enjoy! :)

Office Supplies
My first order of business once I completed my first day was to head to Target for none other than, office supplies!! Target has yet to let me down when I need things that are functional and fashionable. I always start my trip by browsing the $1 section and this time I scored a pack of super cute filing folders, two tins to hold pens/highlighters, a small dry erase board, and a pack of hair ties. Because having good looking hair is definitely a work necessity (especially in this lovely Florida humidity) ;). Next, I headed over to the office department where I found the perfect calendar for my desk! I love it because it matches my planner and it has a section to write my monthly to-dos and notes about projects that I’m working on that month. I then found a paper tray and a magazine file that I’ll use for the filing folders! I’m all about organization, so, when I quickly noticed that my boss likes to bring me important papers, I knew I needed a way to keep them all straight! I’m excited to use my dry erase board to display a weekly verse to keep me encouraged and focused on what truly matters. The last thing I grabbed was a 4 photo picture frame to show off my hottie hubby and our adorable (fur)babies!

Working in food services, I often am required to have on flat, closed-toe shoes. Therefore, I am always on the hunt for the cutest and most comfortable pair of flats on the market. A few of my favorite pairs have come from Kohl’s, Old Navy, and (you guessed it) Target! All of my flats from these stores have lasted me for the past three years and they break in fairly quickly. They also don’t create blisters, which is so crucial for me since I’m often walking across the campus. If you’re looking for a cheap pair, I recently saw a few at Payless that I plan to go back for soon! Here’s a few of my faves for fall!


Old Navy
Old Navy


Plug In Scents
One of the first things I put on my list to get at Target was scent plug-ins! Since my office has been vacant for the past few months, a musty smell has definitely appeared. Though it doesn’t smell horrible, I knew I wanted to bring the comforts of home to my workplace. We currently have the scent Hawaiian Breeze throughout our house but I choose to go for something to get me in the mood for fall. I grabbed Mom’s Baking and I instantly knew it as the perfect scent to make my office a little cozier. Since I will be spending about 8 hours a day in this place, I at least want to be able to close my eyes and pretend I’m at home every so often :). The scent is a mixture of vanilla, cinnamon, apple and pumpkin and I’m literally obsessed with it! I can’t wait to plug it in tomorrow and transform my little space.

The last thing I am absolutely LOVING this Tuesday is you!!! I am so incredibly thankful for each and every person that has read this blog in the past few weeks. The texts, messages, and comments of support have been so kind and each one has seriously touched my heart. The unfailing love and encouragement from my readers, has been able to help me keep a positive and hopeful attitude in this season of transition and adjustment. I was overwhelmed by how many people wished me a good first day of work and allowed me to be a part of their prayers in my time of need. The community this blog has created is more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed of. I also have to give a HUGE shout out to my hubby and my best friends for listening to me go on and on about blogging and social media, for always being willing to edit my posts, and for having my back through thick and thin. I am so blessed by each person that has visited Wonderfully Wolf and I truly cannot say thank you enough! I hope to be able to touch your life as much as you have touched mine through the course of this crazy blogging journey. 

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