Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things I'm Loving Tuesday 8.25

Hi Friends!! Happy Tuesday :) Today’s Things I’m Loving Tuesday is going to be short and sweet! However, I am very excited for a product I have coming in that I will share with you next week!

Let’s get started, shall we?!

The first product I’ve been loving for a while now is the Too Faced Bronzer Chocolate Matte Soleil. I LOVE this bronzer and I’ve been using it non-stop for about a year now! Besides it being the perfect ashy-brown to create a flawless contour, this bronzer smells (and tastes) like chocolate!! I don’t recommend eating it, but if it ever falls into your mouth while applying it, you won’t be grossed out! I actually got mine as a sample from Sephora but the one in stores is HUGE and would easily last for a year or two! Therefore, I think it is worth every penny of the $30 it costs. Too Faced has 12 different bronzers that range from a dark chocolate to a bronzer and blush combo! I’m confident that no matter which you choose, you won’t be disappointed! Whether you want a sharp contour or to just add a little bit of warmth to your skin, this product is the way to go!

Face Wash
Lately, I have been using a face wash out of my Ipsy bag by Pur-lisse! The specific one I’m using is the 4-in-1 pur-delicate. This face wash is sooo gentle on the skin! It’s also sulfate free, can be used on all skin tones, and removes the toughest mascara! This stuff is seriously amazing. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth without stripping away my natural oils and leaving my face dry. Products like this one is why I love Ipsy! I rarely ever have to go and buy new beauty products because each month I’m sent more. I would encourage you to check out Ipsy and this product specifically.

Cubby Holder
One of my favorite things in our house is this little cubby holder! I got it from Target my freshman year of college and it has been so useful ever sense. Every year, I buy new cubbies to keep them looking new and up-to-date! What I love most is how I was able to incorporate some of our wedding decorations to liven up the extra spaces. It’s the perfect reminder of our sweet day and all the memories from our wedding (I also love it because it reminds me of my besties that helped me with creating those decorations). The cubbies themselves are perfect for holding random things that need a place out of the way. Currently, I keep all of my camera accessories in one box, extra candles/melting waxes in another, our cable papers in the bottom one, and the last one is currently empty! I think this was an awesome purchase and these cubby holders will get much use for many years to come! The versatility is endless and I would definitely recommend this piece if you need some extra storage without taking up a large amount of space. This specific one from Target is $70, however, Walmart carries a similar one as well. On top of the holder, we have a wax melter, a picture from my sweet friend, Mckeller, and a stuffed camel my mom bought for our welcome party!

Podcast Sermons
With a new job has come an absolute awful commute. I’m talking it takes me about an hour or more to make what is usually a 30 minute drive! This does not make for a pleasant situation as I have little patience for traffic and crazy Florida drivers. So, in attempt to keep my Jesus, I decided to start listening to podcast sermons on my way to work. Every night, I’ll download two sermons for the next morning from the Elevation church channel. Steven Furtick is an amazing pastor and his sermons always shed new light and new perspective on familiar topics. This has done wonders for my soul and for my day!! Instead of showing up to work or to my house in a bad, ill mood, I have a positive attitude and new hope for the day. On Friday in particular, I was feeling down and upset and I had been most of the week. However, I picked a new message to listen to though it wasn’t a part of the series I had been on the day before. I call things like this God Wink’s because it was totally God speaking through me with the new message I chose. The message I listened to on Friday spoke directly to my heart and touched on every single thing I have been struggling with! Just as I was calling out to God to speak to me and allow me to feel Him, He showed up in a HUGE way! Since then, my overall outlook and demeanor has been a million times better and I’ve been able to shake the funk I was in. If you feel like you need more Jesus right now, I encourage you to try listening to a sermon! I know we hear one every Sunday but sometimes we need to be stirred in our faith Monday-Friday as well. Simply taking an hour (or two) a day to learn and grow in God will do wonders for your faith.

If you have any podcast sermons you love, definitely send them my way!! 

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