Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Reception

I am SO excited to finally be sharing the pictures from our wedding reception! I may be a little bias, but I think it was an absolute blast! Our wedding party was so fun and kept the dance floor full all night long. We also had an incredible DJ that loved interacting with the crowd. It was absolutely perfect.

The reception started with our parents and the wedding party dancing out to "Uptown Funk" for their introductions!! These pictures make me die laughing and perfectly show each person's personality.

Dakota wanted to pick out the song for our first dance and surprise me with it the day-of! Though I was hesitant at first, I was so happy with the song he chose and it was so special to have that moment together. The song he chose was "Mean to Me" by Brett Eldredge.

After the first dance, we let our guests go through the buffet while we mingled and said "hello" to everyone!

Dakota asked my Popsie if he could steal Nana from him. Popsie replied with "I wish you would!"

Next, we did the father/daughter and mother/son dances before kicking off the party! My dad and I danced to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw.

One of my absolute favorite part of the reception was the Best Man and Matron of Honor speech. Dakota's brother, Derek, gave such a heart-felt speech that had everyone in tears. 

Heather followed by giving us some marital advice that she's learned in the past two years. The last piece of advice was sometimes there's times when you just have to "Shake It Off!" At that moment, TSwift started playing and the whole wedding party joined in to a re-edition of Shake It Off just for us! I was SHOCKED that they pulled that off without me ever knowing about it! Emily was so sneaky as there's pictures of her handing out the lyrics behind me to everyone else. 
The song was so cute and it had Dakota and I dying of laughter! 


Up next was cake cutting!! We decided to have a cake bar and a popcorn bar for the reception! I'm still so sad because neither one of us actually ate any cake but the popcorn was DELICIOUS! 


The bouquet toss was next on the list of formalities!! My big, McKeller, was dying to catch it and she definitely put up a fight to come away with it! My favorite part was singing and dancing around to "22" by Taylor Swift. 

The garter toss was definitely something else! Dakota decided to "surprise" me with a strip tease and I'm pretty sure my face was blood red in embarrassment but at least everyone got a good laugh!

Yall got to admit... I have one HOT husband
All the boys ran in terror at the thought of getting married next! 

The rest of the night was filled with dancing, Dakota singing on the mic, and having a blast with our favorite people.

You know it's a good wedding when your braid looks like this by the end of it....

"Who knew "Boots with the Fur" is the song to get the Armstrong's on the dance floor"

Like I've said before, Dakota and I seriously had the most perfect wedding for us. To end the night, we had all of our guests shaking Campbell colored streamers and cowbells as we made our way out of the venue! 

My brother was waiting in his truck with "Today Was a Fairy Tale" by Taylor Swift playing to take us to the hotel for the night!

What really made the night so perfect was being able to stay up and just talk with all of our friends at the hotel. We had so much fun reminiscing and reliving the glory days we wish we could do all over again. 

The very last Wedding Wednesday post will be our wedding highlight video!! If you think these pictures capture the spirit of our wedding, just wait till you see the video :)

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