Saturday, August 1, 2015

You Can't Buy Love but You Can Rescue It

Today I am so excited to share a topic that is so near and dear to my heart! Since I was a child, I have always had an undeniable love for all animals. I truly believe it was a quality God gave me that has led me to meet some amazing people and animals! God Bless my sweet parents that always accepted and loved every animal I brought home over the past 22 years!

My junior year at Campbell, my mom found a little tan and white mutt strutting down the street towards a busy 4 lane road! She immediately stopped and picked him up so he wouldn’t get hit by a car. At that time, he was about 30 pounds, covered in scars, and had a choke collar so tight around his neck that he could no longer bark. She quickly realized that it wouldn’t be possible for him to join her family of furbabies since our property is lined with a 3 foot fence and this poor stray could easily jump that. My mom quickly took to facebook to try to find the sweet pup she called “Charlie” a home.
Around the same time, Dakota had been saying how he wanted a dog so I suggested that he took Charlie! Dakota was ecstatic and a few weeks later, my mom brought him up to North Carolina to meet his new forever family. We decided to rename him Barker, after the football stadium Dakota played collegiate ball in, Barker-Lane Stadium. Barker is, by far, one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet despite the fact that vets believe he may have been used as a bait dog. He loves to snuggle and is the perfect companion to lay around and be lazy with. They always say your first dog is the best and Barker is no exception! Since we’ve had him, he’s learned many tricks, put on about 15 pounds, and gained a fursister! Most importantly, he has truly become like a "child" for Dakota and I and we couldn't imagine our life without him.


We love Barker so much that we knew we wanted to do more to give back and help out other dogs that aren’t as fortunate as Barker, who typically end up in shelters.

My senior year at Campbell, Dakota and I decided to become volunteers for an amazing organization called South of the Bully. SOTB is a pit bull rescue based throughout North and South Carolina. They have saved hundreds of dogs since being founded by three volunteers in 2012. Whether removing a dog from an abusive situation or pulling puppies from a shelter, they take in dogs from all different backgrounds, nurse them back to health and show them what a loving life really is. Not only do they save dogs, but they are also an incredible community that is focused on educating the public about the bully breed along with general dog owner etiquette!

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering with a rescue, I urge you to look into SOTB! I can promise that not only will this “breed” completely steal your heart, but you will find so much satisfaction in being a part of this family-like village. There’s many ways to volunteer whether you want to become a foster, work adoption events, or simply love on the pups in boarding!

The Hubz and I decided to foster a dog that was being returned from a previous owner in mid-January. At first, it was very overwhelming but the more we got to know our foster, the more we fell in love. We “foster failed” and adopted Kali before moving to Florida because we knew we simply couldn’t give her up or leave her behind. Though we call her our “special needs” dog, she has the most genuine and happy spirit I’ve ever seen in a dog. She has a “smile” that can make the worst days better and she knows exactly when to come snuggle with you and ask for some love. Kali has come such a long way in the past 7 months and we couldn’t be more proud to be her parents!

There are countless dogs sitting in shelters and foster homes waiting for a forever home. One of the best things about rescues is that most of the dogs are in foster homes. This means that the foster parents can really learn and know the exact habits and behaviors of the dog, allowing our adoption team to be able to make better matches between furbaby and family. It also gives the dog time to adjust from whatever situation he/she came from and time for the foster parents to work with and train the dog on how to be a well-rounded pet :)

Today I'm going to feature two out of the 80+ babies waiting to find their permanent homes.

The first handsome man is named Spencer. Spencer is between 2-4 years old and he came from a very unfortunate situation that left him mourning over the absence of his owner with his fellow pack members. When SOTB heard of the situation, they immediately stepped in and brought those babies into the rescue! Spencer is sadly stuck in boarding because, for whatever reason, he seems to be getting overlooked. He is a stunning boy that weighs about 60 pounds and is very low key and go with the flow! He does great in social settings with many people around and he loves to go on long walks. He is content to quietly hang out in his crate and he loves being able to play with his toys! At this time, Spencer would adore being the only pet to steal all your love and attention, however, with slow and proper introductions to dogs his size or larger, he’s been a great sibling! If you want to know more about Spencer and how you can be the lucky one to give him the chance he deserves at a happy life again, contact

Who wouldn't want this car companion?!

The second furbaby waiting for her forever home is Nichie. This gorgeous girl is about 2 ½ and she is from Harnett County Animal Shelter. Nichie is an energetic girl who is so eager to please and has so much love to give! She is very smart and is doing great with learning new commands! She is also wonderful on a leash and would make an awesome running or walking partner. She is fully house trained and will do anything for a good belly rub :). Nichie would also be best as an only pet in a loving home. Is she not the cutest little thing?!

If you are interested in giving either of these gorgeous dogs a forever home, volunteering, or becoming a foster, I urge you to reach out to southofthebully@gmail.comBe sure to also like their Facebook page for more information about other adoptable dogs and upcoming adoption events near you!  

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