Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Something I'm Not Loving This Tuesday 9.22

Okay yall... It's about to get real on Wonderfully Wolf! Grab a cupcake or PSF (because it's way too hot in Florida for a latte) and enjoy reading something I'm not so crazy about lately.

Sooo raise your hand if you, too, could not WAIT to graduate from college. Life without classes seemed soooo great and fabulous with lunch dates, a corner office, and a swanky 9-5 job. Or so I thought until I had those three things... Don't get me wrong, I know I am so blessed to have the job I have and there are plenty of recent grads still hoping to land a gig like mine, however, I can't shake the feeling that there's got to be SOMETHING more to life than just working 40 hours a week to be able to enjoy some sushi and a glass of wine on the weekends. If you're like me, life after college hit like a school bus going 65 mph. So long to having your besties right down the hall, to being able to nap in between classes and sorority events, and to working three hours a day at a wonderful internship. Working a full time job has been a MAJOR adjustment to say the least. I feel like a huge chunk of my day has been ripped out of my hands and placed into the grips of Corporate America, where a business can never make enough billions and my sole goal is to increase net income. I often feel so frustrated and drained after sitting in an hour and a half worth of stopped traffic to get home that the things I always enjoyed get left behind. Things like going to the gym, writing blog content, and cleaning my home. It's like a never ending cycle of trying to keep up and do it all before those two glorious days of freedom come around. The monotony drags on and keeps me wishing for a "fun" dream job that I could do from home and love so much that it never seems like actual work (if anyone has found one of those, let your girl know!). 

Dreaming of those "I stay home and cuddle puppies/blog all day" days
This is also where I would like to apologize for my lack of content lately! I know, I know, it's my blog and I can do what I want with it. But with that being said, I LOVE this blog and the community it has created. I love seeing how it is touching others and how it is shaping my own life! And that is why I get so discouraged and upset when I feel like it is constantly placed on the back burner due to my lack of energy, motivation, and inspiration after a long day at work and a long battle with road rage. I promise, if you stick with me, I will stick with you and continue to do my best with this little blog of mine :). 

Back to the main point, if you are finding yourself in the same position, with the same feelings, know you are NOT alone! Unfortunately, I don't have any great insight or wisdom as to how to get out of this rut, but I do know that Jesus is that something more we are searching for. I wouldn't have made it through the past month in my new position without His daily guidance and grace over my life. So until we hit it big and Dakota decides to go pro or I become YouTube famous ;), I'll continue to strive to use my workplace as my ministry and try to see the strength and beauty in the moment I am in. Any and all advice from those who have conquered this new stage of life, is completely welcomed! :) 

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