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Featured Friday: FALLing Back into Fitness


Yay!! We made it to another Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week :) Today, we have another past favorite for Featured Friday! My sister, Heather, from Rhodes of Confidence is back and she's giving some AWESOME tips for vamping up fitness routine this fall. I don't know about you, but this is the time of year where I definitely need the extra motivation! We hope you enjoy and don't forget to visit Heather's blog and have a fabulous weekend :)


Guess who's back?!

I'm so happy to be back at Wonderfully Wolf! And guess what?! It's OCTOBER! Pumpkin, fall, plaid, football. But let's not forget one of the greatest gifts of fall is the cool crisp in the air, the beautiful changes of nature, and the picturesque environment our lives are flooded with for a few short months. What better way to enjoy these gifts than using them as the perfect backdrop to getting those booties moving?!
St. Simons Island. GA
Take a minute and think back 9 short months ago to that list of New Year's resolutions. 
Close your eyes and think about those one or two goals you have yet to reach, or those one or two pounds you have yet to shed, or those one or two ice-cream flavors you still really need to try. 
Got it?!

PERFECT! We now have 12 weeks to get those things accomplished! And you know what?! That is so so so do-able! You set those goals for a reason and this is the year we're going to accomplish them.
It is insanely common to set goals (especially relating to diet & fitness) but as time, life, and desserts get in the way they fall to the way side. This is life. The first thing NOT to do, is let the guilt set in.

We will not beat ourselves up for missed or un-yet reached accomplishments. Instead, we will rearrange priorities, re-assign goals, re-align mentality and start racing towards self confidence, self love, and self realization for the final weeks of 2015.

There have been many many times I have fallen off my path towards goal attainment. I think for seriously 3 years straight I made a New Year's resolution to complete a half marathon. Maybe third year is the charm, as I have my first one next weekend (side note-AHH!). A few years ago, I made a huge accomplishment of my first post 5 mile run, posted this pic to instagram, then legit did not run over 3 miles again the rest of that year. I think I blamed it all on the weather that year? Or was that the year Scandal premiered? Or I think I had to wash my hair a lot or something?

Regardless, I got back on the wagon. I laced up those Nikes and like water under the bridge, my mini lapse in progress has been overcome!

Now, lets look at how we're going to slay those 2015 goals in the next 3 months. 

Here are some tips on picking back up those healthy habits, shifting those thoughts towards accomplishment, and rocking your way to earned confidence right into 2016.

1. Pick a Partner.
This has definitely been said time and time again, but HELLO?! There's a reason for that! Accountability is HUGE HUGE HUGE. Even if you like to work out alone, find someone to at least share your workout plan with that will keep you accountable. It's also way more fun to find someone else to workout with, for the sole reason that it makes a workout seem like hangout time instead. If you have diet goals, after you make a plan, share it with someone else. Even if everyone else in your household is eating totally crappy or totally opposite of you- I promise there is SOMEONE out there that can relate.

  • I found a running partner to sign up for my half with and I am convinced this is the only thing that's gotten me through super long runs. We run together when we can, we text pics of our splits when we can't, we share encouragement and frustrations.
  • Last Christmas one of best friends and I were struggling to NOT eat ALL the sweet sweet treats brought into work by sweet little ladies (y'all this struggle was real.. grandma food.. in your face.. and nose.. all day.. pie..cookies..) sorry. continuing. We made a contest between each other to see who could go the most consecutive days without giving into the sweet treat life. Disclaimer: I am not advocating restriction or restrictive eating. I think treats, especially around the holidays, are needed and exciting and wonderful. During this certain period, it was easier for me to just wait to eat dessert at home then spend all day picking at workplace treats.)

2. Get Your Gear On.
My favorite tip of all: sweat to shop! Nothing gets me more excited to get in the miles than a new pair of Elites, nothing has me more amped to WOD than a new pair of Lululemon booty work shorts, and nothing has me feeling more nerdy than everyone else than a sick new one piece....
In all seriousness, a new look may be that little push of excitement to get you back to work.. or at least to the great gym lighting for selfies.

My recommendations for awesome workout gear:


Socks: Nike Elite Womens 

Tanks: Everfitte Tops 

Everfitte on Etsy

3. Beat Complacency with Competition.

It's really easy to get bored with any training plan. Even if it's a good one! You can be making progress and sticking with it but why fight through training you aren't enjoying. When training for my triathlon, I was loving my swim workout but the mundane endurance training was kind of boring me. So I switched things up. I started logging my times and competing against myself! Even in a workout, I will try to beat my fastest sprint or my last pace. It sounds silly but when your biggest competition is yourself, you always have the competitive advantage. Logging your times/weights/progress is huge to keep you on track with exceeding your own limitations with each workout. 
My Garmon VivoActive & Waterproof iPod push me @ swim workouts!

4. Fall Back in Love with Fitness.
Figure out your "thing". If you are not a runner- don't run! Fitness is unlimited- dancing, swimming, triathlons, zumba, barre, yoga... figure it out and get back into it. Doing what you love takes away the "work" in workout. Do not be ashamed if you're terrible at your passion. Do it anyways. Do not feel like you have to do strict cardio, or weight loss plans, or only lift weights to reach your fitness goals. You don't. Just get moving.

Don't let the next beautiful 12 weeks go to waste. Don't wait until January 1 to start what you can easily start on October 2. If you don't know where to start, send me an email at! I love helping others with training plans, meal plans, and ice-cream grocery store location plans.

Alright girls, now get MOVING!

Fall is not about falling off the wagon, its about FALLing back in love with yourself and the incredible things your mind and body can accomplish.

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