Monday, October 12, 2015

Life Update!

Hi Friends!! Oh, how I have missed yall! Last week was one where I simply felt unmotivated and uninspired with my writing so I decided to take a little break. Now, I am back and excited to update yall on how life in the Wolf Household has been over the past few days! 

So, what have the Hubz and I been up to lately? Here's a few pictures to give you a little glimpse of our past week. 

I recently joined Influenster! To be 100% honest, I'm not exactly positive what it is but from what I do know, it's a site that you can join to try out and research new products. I went on and made my profile (aka I answered a bajillion questions about my "lifestyle") and a few weeks later, I received this package with two Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks! Cool, right? Both colors are absolutely gorgeous but I especially love the top one. It is the perfect mauve-y pink shade for fall! These lipsticks are incredibly creamy and moisturizing. I would definitely consider purchasing them the next time I need a new shade. If you want more info on how you can become an Influenster, you can check out the website here

For the sake of continuing to be real, I have to admit that I had a really frumpy week. Maybe I can blame it on Aunt Flow coming to visit, but regardless, I found myself feeling pretty down more times that not. Thursday evening, I decided to go for a run when I got home and it was the best decision I had made that day. As Elle Woods says, "excercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands." And oh, is she right! My run completely turned my day around, though, I felt like I was potentially going to die in the middle of it because I haven't ran since.... once in July maybe? I loved having time to simply praise God for how blessed I am and to really gain perspective on how crappy my attitude had been. I also love any reason to spend my time belting Taylor Swift. And the people cooking out in their yards can't hear me because they can't see me through their fences, right? Anyways, running, Jesus, and Taylor can turn around any frumpy week regardless of the funk your in. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to simply shake it off... 

In case you're already having a bad week, just take four minutes to blare this and it will INSTANTLY get better :)

Regardless of my mood, a typical night in the Wolf household goes like this... Dakota gets home before me and starts dinner because he is an AMAZING cook and I hate making dinner...When I get home we chat about our days and watch the dogs play outside until dinner is ready... We then eat dinner and usually leave the kitchen an absolute mess because I have a new obsession that is completely unhealthy and uncontrollable...Yall, I'm obsessed with the show Friends! I know, I'm late to the party on this one but how I never realized how good this show is is beyond me. So, after dinner, Dakota likes to play Xbox while I watch about 4-5 episodes of Friends before going to bed at 9:30pm (aka the real reason why I didn't blog all week). I've watched 7 seasons in two weeks and I am DYING to know when Ross in Rachel get back together. That is why I simply can't stop watching long enough to get anything productive done. It's a problem, I know. Thankfully, there's only ten seasons, so I'll be back to regular life by next week :) For those who haven't seen every episode of Friends, what are you waiting for?! There's a reason it's been voted the best series of ALL TIME by producers and actresses/actors! 

This past weekend, Dakota and I went to a festival called Jaxtoberfest in Jacksonville with our friends Chris and Taylor! We had a great time even though it literally POURED as soon as we got there and all of the tents were filled with people trying to take cover from the rain. We literally got soaked. But thankfully, in true Florida fashion, the rain stopped and the 90 degree sunshine dried our hair and clothes quite quickly. We're so thankful to have such sweet friends that are also new to the area to explore the city and do fun things with!

PS. Am I the only person who puts on my monogrammed necklace backwards almost every time?? It's another problem I have...

The last but not least thing that happened this weekend, was that these two adorable babies completed their Level 2 Obedience Training course! Dakota and I are huge believers in constantly training our dogs so we can be better dog owners and so our dogs will continue to learn new things and become better behaved. For the past 8 weeks, Kali and Barker have had training once a week to work on higher level behaviors such as loose leash walking, extended sit stays, and a lotttt of focus training! It is so awesome and rewarding to look back and see how much growth these two have accomplished. We still have a long way to go but we hope to be able to have both babes Canine Good Citizen certified and to continue fighting the stereotype of this amazing breed. As National Pit Bull Awareness month, you will definitely see more about pits and these two specifically in the next week or so! 

So, now you know what a typical week in our life looks like. Basically, just a lot of Friends, time with our pups, and enjoying life as Mr. & Mrs. Wolf! I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful week! Tomorrow I'll be back with a Things I'm Loving Tuesday post so I hope to see you then :)

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