Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'm Back!!!

Life Lately…..

Hi Yall and Happy Monday!!! I don’t know about you but this girl had an amazing, productive weekend and is ready to take on the week!

So… since it’s been a few (ok, more like 4ish) months since I last blogged, I figured it was time to spend some quality time with my laptop and fill you in on what’s happened in our life since we last chatted back in October.

Life has been BUSY but oh so good!! In the past four months we…..

Traveled to North Carolina for the state fair and homecoming at Campbell where we got to spend some quality time with our favorite friends!! We miss them all SO much but thankfully we have another exciting trip planned to visit CU in April!

Life is SO much better with these two :)

In November, we had a slight cancer scare with our baby girl, Kali, but the bump removed was none cancerous, Praise Jesus!! Kali also spent 8 weeks at a board and train facility to brush up on her lady-like manners and we are so pleased and happy with how well-behaved she is now! She’s still our little high-maintained diva, but who can blame her for that (we all know who her mother is… ;)).

Dakota and I spent our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a married couple and it was so sweet. We loved decorating our house, exchanging presents, and soaking up the holiday season as a new little family. We also spent lots of time with our families and enjoyed the time off of work!
Christmas as a family!
Celebrating New Years in Jacksonville!
For my birthday, Dakota spoiled me with a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and a new, sparkly wedding band! (I already had two that I loved but how could I resist more diamonds?!). I loved this present so much because I wear it every day and I love having the option of changing up my favorite accessory.  Hubby sure did good job and I am one lucky girl!
Here's to 23!

In December, we had the pleasure of watching my childhood best friend, Jesse, get married on a beach in Florida (you may remember her bachelorette party from here). The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we loved spending the weekend away and catching up with friends we don’t see nearly enough!

I had the hottest date there ;)

January and February have FLOWN by and I cannot believe we’re already in March! The past two months have been filled with relaxing weekends, lots of visits to Chili’s and Target (my favorite date night activities), and my new obsession with Gossip Girl. 
Exploring Downtown!
We were also SO excited to welcome the newest member to our CU family, Kennedy! She is absolutely precious (and perfect) and we couldn’t be happier for two of our best friends, Sam and Trooper. Not to mention, she will be the BEST dressed baby because Sam makes her the cutest little clothes that deserves all the heart eyes.
We love this baby girl SO much!
A few days after welcoming Kennedy, we celebrated Dakota’s 24th birthday! To be honest, I totally dropped the wifey ball and should’ve done more to make it a special day but I promised to make it up to him next year (any and all ideas are welcomed in advance!). Thankfully, he’s an amazing husband and was happy to have some cake and visit with my family. How in the world did I get so lucky?!

I can’t forget to mention that the newest thing in our life lately is that we are under contract to BUY A HOUSE!!! Holy moly yall, when did we become real life adults?! I am so excited/nervous/anxious for this entire process and we can’t wait to officially be home owners. Prayers that everything goes smoothly and the process can be wrapped up quickly are most definitely appreciated. And you can count on many more posts about our new home and how I plan to decorate as soon as we close and get those keys in our hands!

Last but not least, this past week I got some VERY exciting news that my friend Courtney (who yall know from here) got accepted to the PA school in Jacksonville and will be moving down here in May!! I am over the moon excited for her and absolutely thrilled to have another familiar face in the Sunshine State! So a huge congrats to her and cheers to the many memories that will be made over the next 2.5ish years! 

A little throw back to last year's formal!
I want to take a minute to say a huge THANK YOU to every single person that has encouraged me about this blog! When life/work got crazy, Wonderfully Wolf definitely took a back burner but I’m excited to start writing consistently again. This little blog and the connections it has made mean so much to me and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate every person that reads it! As always, if you would ever like to chat or if there’s something I can be praying about for you, PLEASE reach out! That’s exactly what this little piece of the internet is for :)

Have an amazing week friends!! 

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