Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Half Way! 20 Week Pregnancy Update

Happy Wednesday yall! I hope everyone had a great weekend and spent time loving on the mamas in their lives! On Sunday, my car decided it was time to break down on us so I as I was stranded at home, I figured what better excuse to give you a little pregnancy/life update :)



My Due Date: Yall… we are officially over half way with this pregnancy!! At our 20 week anatomy scan last week, the doctor said Denver was measuring perfectly for my September 20th due date! It still seems so close yet so far away.


What fruit is the baby this week? This week Denver is the size of a Belgian endive or a banana. According to The Bump app, that means he weighs about 10 ounces and is 6.5 inches long. Which is still so little but he’s busy growing and developing rapidly each and every day!

How far along I am: As of today (Monday, May 9th), I am 20 weeks and 6 days :)


Next Appointment: My next appointment will be at 24 weeks during the first week of June. After that, I will have more blood work done and a glucose test. Then after my 28 week appointment, we start going every two weeks!

Gender: A precious baby boy who already loves to flex his muscles :)


Exercise: I hate this topic… exercise is usually hit or miss depending on how much I’ve done that day and how swollen my poor ankles are :( I still try to walk for at least 45 minutes to an hour every day and do light workouts every so often!

Stretch Marks: Thankfully, I still l don’t have any even though the bump is rapidly growing as well!

Maternity Clothes: As of now, I still tend to pick out non-maternity clothes that I know won’t be constricting or tight on my stomach. Dresses are my go-to day in and day out! On a sadder note, since moving and doing SO much around the house, my feet have grown/swelled and most of my sandals and flats are too small right now :( I am praying they’ll go back to normal after giving birth because I refuse to get rid of all my shoes!

Sleep: Sleep is glorious lately! I am still pretty tired after working all day long, but I will sleep through the entire night unless my carpal tunnel wakes me up.

Food Cravings: Sweets! I’ve always been a sweets person but since being pregnant, it seems SO much worse! Thankfully, I love to bake and we have three grocery stores within two minutes of us for my late night cravings :)

Food Aversions: The aversions are definitely going away but certain smells will send me running to a trash can faster than you can imagine! For some reason, I feel like our fridge smells so bad with so many different foods in it - so I avoid it at all costs.

Movement: I am finally feeling little baby kicks every now and then! Since I have an anterior placenta, most movement is masked by the extra cushion but every now and then I’ll feel a little nudge that makes me SO happy! I still can’t wait for those bigger kicks and movements as he continues to grow.

What I’m Loving: I am really just loving the anticipation of his arrival. I love to imagine who he’ll look like and the little personality he’ll have. We’ve been designing his nursey and it’s so fun to picture rocking him, changing his diaper, and just spending our days in that little room that’s just for him. It is all still so surreal (and slightly scary) that we’ll have our own baby to raise in a few short months but I simply can’t wait!

Dakota loves to pretend that football pillow is the baby LOL

Symptoms: Oh the joys of pregnancy! The worst symptoms lately are the swollen hands and feet and the carpal tunnel. Both can be attributed to house work and painting and moving but man, are they painful! Thankfully, our new house is coming together beautifully and those tedious tasks should be staying away for a while!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Completing his nursey! We just have a few more things like the crib mattress, changing table, and curtains and then his little room will basically be complete! I’ll be doing a post specifically for his room sometime soon :) I’m also excited for our baby shower and our friend’s baby shower that are coming up this summer! We’re also enrolling in many different birthing classes this week so I’m excited to start learning more and becoming more prepared for little man’s arrival. Lastly, I’m just excited to take the time to enjoy this last summer without a little one as much as I can ;)

Best Moment This Week: We can such a good week! Dakota spoiled me rotten with chocolate covered strawberries and flowers for Mother’s Day and made me feel so special! It was also so sentimental being at church and watching all the special videos made just for the moms. I most definitely cried many times and couldn’t help but feel so incredibly blessed that God has chosen me to be this baby boy’s mama. All I’ve ever dreamed of is being a wife and a mother and now that both are coming true, life just seems so much sweeter. Another major moment was moving into our very first house! It was such a stressful process but I’m so grateful everything went through and we’re able to make this place our own home. Creating the place that Denver will grow up in and make so many memories in is so special to me. Lastly, one of the best moments in the past few weeks was receiving SO many clothes for Denver! We have been incredibly blessed with gifts and hand-me-downs from friends that this boy will be set with clothes until he is about 9 months old! We still need about everything else a baby needs (we don’t have a single diaper…lol) but this was a huge blessing that we are so grateful for :)
This isn't even all of the clothes!
We’re still in awe of the ways God has provided for us over the past year and without Him and his grace and provision, who knows where we would be. If you feel discouraged or stressed about a situation, take a few minutes to lay it down before Him. I promise He’ll come through in ways that are better than you could even imagine.

“But he said to me, ‘my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses so that the power of the Lord may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9


Have a wonderful week friends!


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